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 How Tall Is 600 Metres

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PostSubject: How Tall Is 600 Metres   Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:51 am

With the plans for the EC/AC Towers in Dubai adding another three 600 metre tall skyscrapers to the future skyline of the Emirate how does that measure up to existing buildings?

Well the current tallest skyscraper in the world is the 448 metre tall Tapei 101 although the Burj Dubai which is still under construction beats this comfortably and is expected to be between 850 and 900 metres tall. Putting this in perspective, the tallest "mountain" in England is the 935 metre tall Scafell Pike.

Outside Dubai the Saudis currently come closer than anyone - their under construction Big Ben rip-off overlooking Mecca, the Abraj Al Bait Towers, will reach 578 metres to the tip of the pinnacle.

In North America planned supertall towers are the 610 metre tall Fordham Spire, and the 541 metre tall Freedom Tower and although other supertalls such as the Transbay Tower and MOMA Tower are planned but these are relatively titchy being closer to 300 than 600 metres.

Europe barely gets a look-in too with only the Russia Tower being anything near the 600 metre mark passing it and being 612 metres above ground. Other countries like France and the United Kingdom can only boast plans again around the 300 metre barrier. For example, London Bridge Tower will be 310 metres tall, a mere tiddler compared to Dubai's steroid-laiden 'scrapers.

How Tall Is 600m?

339 Average American males
136.5 London Buses
12.5 Colosseum Roman arenas
4.32 Great Pyramids of Giza
2.71 Hoover Dams
1.33 Empire State Buildings

Put simply - if already complete today, the EC/AC Towers would be the tallest buildings in the world and Dubai plans three of these around the 600 metre mark in one place.

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How Tall Is 600 Metres
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